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New ProTek Devices Data Sheets for TVS Devices to Provide Circuit Protection in Smartphones, Ethernet, Etc.

ProTek Devices has updated data sheets for its PRSB6.8D and PLC03-3.3-DFN transient voltage suppressor (TVS) arrays PRSB6.8D The PRSB6.8D TVS array can be used to help ensure circuit protection in applications that include smartphones, other portable electronics, and for noise…
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ProTek Devices’ New TVS Components Provide Circuit Protection in High Power Surface Mount Package

The SM15KPAN Series Delivers Overvoltage Protection in Relay Drives, Motors and Other Applications ProTek Devices has introduced its SM15KPAN series of high-powered surface mount transient voltage suppressor (TVS) components to provide overvoltage circuit protection in applications that include relay drives…
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Automotive electronics advances usher in a greater need for circuit protection

ProTek Devices’ VP Pai contributed an article to ECN. The article was featured Jan. 20, 2014. Start reading the article below… Every year, the automotive industry introduces more features that leverage advanced electronics. Many of these new electronics features are…
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