Data Sheet Updates: Dual SPDT Analog Switch and Steering Diode TVS Array

ProTek Devices has two recently updated data sheets. One is for the PA2268 / PA2268T LoPro™ dual SPDT analog switch and the other is for the SRV25-4 steering diode / TVS array.

PA2268 / PA2268T
ProTek Devices’ PA2268 is a dual high-bandwidth, fast single-pole double throw (SPDT) CMOS switch. It can be used as an analog switch or as a low-delay bus switch. Specified over an operating power supply voltage 1.8V to 4.2V, the PA2268 has an on-resistance of 0.6 ohm at +2.7V. Break-before-make switching prevents the PA2268 / PA2268T switches from being enabled simultaneously. This eliminates signal disruption during switching.

The PA2268T includes termination resistors that improve noise immunity during overshoot excursions and off isolations or pop-up noise minimization.

Other features include CMOS technology for bus and analog applications; rail-to-rail signal range; high off Isolation of -75dB @ 100kHz; and crosstalk rejection of -90dB @ 100kHz. The switches also provide an extended industrial temperature range of –40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius and LoPro packaging (Pb-free) that is a 10-lead micro package.

Ideal applications include smartphones and other portable electronics, such as digital music players. In addition the switches are ideal for portable instrumentation; computer peripherals; speaker headset switching; power routing; relay replacement; audio and video signal routing; PCMCIA cards and modems. Download the updated data sheet here.

The SRV25-4 is a dual-USB port protection array that features ultra low capacitance (3.5pF typical). Designed for ESD protection(> 25 kilovolts), the SRV25-4 can clamp the effects of electrical fast transients on the power bus. The SRV25-4 combines 8 low capacitance steering diodes for up to four individual data or transmission lines and one TVS diode for power bus protection. This device is available in the space-saving DFN-10 package configuration, which minimizes lead inductance to prevent overshoot voltages during high ESD current events. The SRV25-4 meets the IEC 61000-4-2, 61000-4-2; 61000-4-5; and 61000-4-4 requirements.

Other features include 800 Watts peak pulse power per line (tp = 8/20 micro amps), low clamping voltage, and RoHS and REACH compliance. It is ideal for applications that include: Gigabit Ethernet; smartphones; other portable electronics; video card interfaces; USB 2.0 interfaces; and DVI interfaces. Download the updated data sheet here.

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