ESD Diode + High-Power TVS Devices from ProTek Devices Have New Data Sheets

pesd1can_prPAM1CAN CAN BUS Diode
ProTek Devices’ PAM1CAN CAN BUS electrostatic discharge (ESD) diode is a circuit protection device designed to protect two automotive or other types of Controller Area Network (CAN) bus lines. In addition to ESD protection, it also protects against other electrical fast transients (EFT). This circuit protection diode is compatible with IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD): air 15kV, contact 8kV; with 61000-4-4 (EFT): 40A, 5/50ns; and with 61000-4-5 (surge): 3A, 8/20μs. It provides 200 watts peak pulse power per line (typical = 8/20μs). ESD protection is > 25 kilovolts. The component offers a low clamping voltage, low capacitance, and low leakage current. It is also RoHS and REACH compliant.

The PAM1CAN is provided in a molded JEDEC SOT-23 package at an approximate weight of just eight milligrams. Other key mechanical characteristics include lead-free pure-tin plating (annealed) and a solder reflow temperature of (pure-tin – Sn, 100) 260-270 degrees Celsius. The flammability rating is UL 94V-0. The PAM1CAN is provided in 8mm tape and reel, per EIA standard 481. The updated data sheet may be had here.

K Series
ProTek Devices’ K series (K1, KA, KB, KC and KD) consists of more than 20 high-power transient voltage suppressors (TVS) for circuit protection in DC and AC applications, remote transmission lines, industrial wiring, and more. These circuit protection devices deliver minimum breakdown voltages in a variety of ranges. For example, the K1-076 provides a minimum breakdown voltage of 83.0 volts while the KC-430 is rated at 440.0 volts.

The parts have a UL file recognition of #E333727. Other features include axial lead terminals, high current capability, and an excellent clamping voltage. The parts are bidirectional and have a glass passivated junction. In addition, the K series provides a low slope resistance and repetition rate (duty cycle) of 0.01 percent. A hazardous substance free solution, the series is also RoHS complaint (exemption #7).

The K series are epoxy-encapsulated axial lead devices with an approximate weight of only 3.35 grams. High temperature soldering is possible at 260 degrees Celsius / 10 seconds at terminals. The flammability rating is UL 94V-0. For complete specifications on all the parts in the K series, see the latest data sheet here.

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