New Mini Poster Highlights ProTek Devices’ Circuit Protection Solutions for Computing Interfaces

ProTek Devices has made available a new mini poster that provides a snapshot view of the company’s circuit protection solutions for various computing interfaces, from HDMI and USB to LinBus and Ethernet, and much more. You can directly view and download it here. Be sure to check out ProTek Devices’ Knowledge Base section on a regular basis. Here, we’ll provide new content on occasion that helps with the selection process for circuit protection components. It’s created specifically for design engineers and features an array of technical information to help implement ProTek Devices’ circuit protection solutions into an application.

There are an array of technical articles. One example article (whitepaper) is about ESD protection solutions for high speed communications ports. Again, this is one amongst many others. There are also many application notes. One, for example, covers how to protect LVDS interfaces. Be sure to check out the others. Block diagrams are also there. For example, one of the many diagrams covers smartphones.

Discrete and active components, such as ProTek Devices’ transient voltage suppressors (TVS), have an important role in circuit modeling. Because these types of devices affect insertion loss and signal integrity, particularly in high frequency applications, pre-defined SPICE models and parameters can be a beneficial tool to the design engineer who requires an accurate representation of circuit performance. These can also be found here.

There’s also a catalogs and brochures section, which is the section where the new mini poster is located. Here, the documents cover the gamut of solutions provided by ProTek Devices. Such documents include: a brochure covering advanced circuit protection for overvoltage and overcurrent transient events, a short form catalog for the company’s devices, a catalog covering ProTek Devices’ circuit protection components specific to automotive applications, another such catalog for components specific to military / aerospace as well as another for industrial applications, and more.

Again, be sure to regularly check out the web page for updates. Or, be sure to subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed or company newsletter to automatically receive our latest updates. Of course, if you have questions not answered by any of these resources, please contact ProTek Devices directly or use a local sale representative / distributor. Such contact information can be found here.