ProTek Devices’ Circuit Protection Component New Products Summary for 2015

We hope that 2016 is already off to a successful beginning for everyone. As we look to introduce new products in 2016, now is a good time to summarize the many new circuit protection components we introduced during 2015. They cover a variety of applications: automotive, computing, consumer electronics, military / aerospace, medical, networking and communications, industrial and more. Stay tuned for a video version of this product summary later this month. If you prefer, you can also watch the video version below.

GBLCxxCDN Series
The GBLCxxCDN series consists of ultra-low capacitance TVS arrays for overvoltage circuit protection in applications that include smartphones, Ethernet, USB and more. It consists of five components with rated stand-off voltages between 5-24 volts. The components are also packaged in an ideal low-profile miniature DFN-2 package. Read more.

The PAZC099 is an ultra-low capacitance steering diode / TVS array designed to deliver circuit protection in Gigabit Ethernet applications, smartphones, video card interfaces and more. The PAZC099 is rated for 5.0V applications with 100 watts peak pulse power per line. It’s also ideal for circuit protection in USB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 applications, DVI interfaces and other portable electronics. Read more.

The PAM1CAN, PAM2CAN and PAM1FLEX ESD protection diodes achieved AEC-Q101 qualification making the components ideal for circuit protection in tough automotive environments. These devices also cover circuit protection in related applications such as CAN Bus, DeviceNet Bus and Flex Bus lines. Read more.

The SRV05-4-A is an ultra-low capacitance steering diode / TVS array targeting circuit protection in a variety of applications that include Gigabit Ethernet; smartphones and other portable electronics; and video card, USB and DVI interfaces. The SRV05-4-A is designed for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection of > 25 kilovolts and offers protection for up to four lines. Read more.

The DSL70 is an ultra-low capacitance steering diode array that provides circuit protection against ESD, EFT, and secondary lightning threats in applications that include USB ports and laptops. It is capable of protecting one line pair or two single lines via the steering of transient voltages to power lines or ground. Its ultra-low capacitance (3pF typical) allows maintenance of signal integrity for high-speed data lines. Read more.

PAM8S Series
And finally, in December, we unveiled the PAM8S series of TVS arrays that provide circuit protection in various automotive infotainment and other automotive systems. The new PAM8S series provides an industry best combination of surpassing ISO 16750 load dump testing while also delivering an industry-leading lowest clamping voltage at 48.4 volts. The series consists of 15 high-power TVS arrays covering a range of reverse stand-off voltage needs, from 14.0 to 43.0 volts. Read more.