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An Overview of Circuit Protection Requirements and ProTek Devices’ Solutions

ProTek Devices’ 2014 New Products and Brochures Summary

During 2014, ProTek Devices introduced many new overvoltage and overcurrent circuit protection components that covers a comprehensive set of applications. Applications include automotive, computing, consumer electronics, military / aerospace, medical, networking and communications, industrial and more. We also introduced a…
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ProTek Devices High Powered TVS Array PSD05HP – PSD12HP Data Sheets Updated

  The PSDxxHP series of transient voltage suppressors (TVS arrays) from ProTek Devices have an updated data sheet. The 1000 watt (peak pulse power per line [tp = 8/20 micro seconds]) series includes three devices: the PSD05HP, PSD10HP, and PSD12HP….
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New Brochures for Circuit Protection Devices across Multiple Industries

ProTek Devices has new brochures covering some specific applications in which we provide advanced circuit protection devices for. These applications include communications, industrial, and military / aerospace. The brochures are available for download as a PDF here. However, if you…
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Newly Updated Steering Diode / TVS Array Data Sheet

The data sheets for ProTek Devices’ PLR0522 steering diode / transient voltage suppressor (TVS) array has recently been updated. PLR0522 The PLR0522 is an ultra-low capacitance (0.8pF typical [I/O to GND]) steering diode / TVS array. This device is designed…
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