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ProTek Devices Unveiled Numerous Circuit Protection Solutions in 2017 to Protect Countless Electronics Applications

Happy New Year! Throughout 2017, we introduced many new circuit protection components for a variety of applications. The applications covered the spectrum of electronics offered by leading manufacturers.

An Overview of Circuit Protection Requirements and ProTek Devices’ Solutions

ProTek Devices’ 2014 New Products and Brochures Summary

During 2014, ProTek Devices introduced many new overvoltage and overcurrent circuit protection components that covers a comprehensive set of applications. Applications include automotive, computing, consumer electronics, military / aerospace, medical, networking and communications, industrial and more. We also introduced a…
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Couple of ProTek Devices’ TVS Component Solutions Have Updated Data Sheets

ProTek Devices has released new data sheets with updated specifications for its DSL03-24 steering diode / transient voltage suppressor (TVS) array and for its GBLC03 – GBLC24C family of TVS arrays. PP0640SA – PP3500SC Thyristor Surge Suppressors ProTek Devices’ PP-SM…
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ProTek Devices’ Intros New Power Bus Voltage Suppressor Component

ProTek Devices has introduced a new voltage suppressor component to provide power bus circuit protection using features such as a rated stand-off of 78 volts, bidirectional configuration, and a package weighing just 9.8 grams. ProTek Devices’ 2700SM78CAN also provides 2,250…
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