Updated Data Sheets: Steering Diode/TVS Array; TVS Component; and TVS Die

sm_kw_prThree ProTek Devices’ products have updated data sheets posted. One is the PLR0524P, a steering diode / transient voltage suppressor (TVS) array. Next is the PAM25DF25K33, a 5,000 watt TVS component. Also, we have bidirectional TVS die. Details on each follow.

The PLR0524P is an ultra-low capacitance (0.4pF typical [I/O to I/O]) steering diode/TVS array. This device is designed for circuit protection in a variety of computing applications. They include Gigabit Ethernet; DVI and HDMI interfaces; high-speed data lines (electrostatic discharge [ESD] protection); FireWire, SATA and PCIe interfaces; IEEE 1394 (to 3.2 Gbps); USB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0; and telecommunications equipment and systems. The PLR0524P is rated at 60 Watts peak pulse power per line for a 8/20μs waveshape. This device meets the IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD), 61000-4-2 (EFT) and 61000-4-4 (surge) requirements. It is also compatible with IEC 61000-4-5 (lightning): 4A – 8/20μs. ESD protection is > 25 kilovolts and it has a low leakage current of < 0.5μA. The PLR0524P protects 4 lines and is RoHS and REACH compliant. This device, in conjunction with passive components integrated into a TVS/filter network, can be used for electromagnetic interference / radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) protection.

The PLR0524P is provided in a molded JEDEC DFN-10 package with an approximate weight of just 7 milligrams. It has lead-free pure-tin plating (annealed) and a solder reflow temperature (pure-tin – Sn, 100) of 260-270 degrees Celsius. And, it has a flammability rating of UL 94V-0. It is offered in 8mm tape and reel, per EIA standard 481. Get the full data sheet here.

The PAM25DF25K33 is a high-powered surface mount TVS component designed for automotive circuit protection from damaging effects of high voltage spikes. The device provides 5,000 watts of peak pulse power dissipation for a 10/1000μs waveform. It is AEC-Q101 qualified. It is also compatible with IEC 61000-4-5 (surge): 48A, 8/20μs – L3 (line-ground), L4 (line-line) and L1 (power). It allows unidirectional configuration and easy mounting to printed circuit boards. The PAM25DF25K33 is RoHS and REACH compliant.

The DFN-2-5KW surface mount package configuration provides a lower profile at a reduced cost. It has an approximate weight of just 2.5 grams. It has lead-free silver plating and features a solder reflow temperature of 260-270 degrees Celsius. It also boasts a flammability rating of UL 94V-0. Download the full data sheet.

Bidirectional TVS die
ProTek Devices’ PLED05F189 is bidirectional TVS die for LED circuit protection. It is compatible with IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD): contact ±8kV. Electrical characteristics include a minimum breakdown voltage of 6.0 volts and stand-off voltage of 5.0 volts.

The back metal is Ti/Ni/Ag and the top metal is Ni/Au. For complete technical specifications, download the data sheet here.

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