ProTek Devices Intros Series of TVS Components for Industrial Application Circuit Protection March 15 2022 ProTek Devices has introduced a series of high-powered surface mount transient voltage suppression components that provide circuit. . .+读取更多! ProTek Devices Intros Combo Arrays and Diodes for Consumer Electronics Circuit Protection June 21 2021 ProTek Devices has introduced two new ultra-low capacitance (less than 3 pF) low leakage current (less than 10nA) thyristor array. . .+读取更多! +点击获取更多动态消息
PAM8S48A Automotive 48V HEV Load Dump Protection May 7 2021 The PAM8S48A is a high power transient voltage suppressor designed to provide protection against long duration. . . +Read More!