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  1. Datasheet specifications are represented by the ProTek Devices base part number. The base part number contain no tape and reel or lead free ordering suffixes, i.e., -T7, -T13, -LF, etc.
  2. ProTek Devices defines lead-free to mean a product that is compliant with the current RoHS requirements for all 6 substances, including the requirement that lead not exceed 0.1% by weight in homogenous materials unless exempt. A product that is designated lead-free will also have a "YES" in the RoHS\WEEE compliant column.
  3. Part numbers with a "YES" in the RoHS/WEEE compliant column are considered RoHs/WEEE compliant. If the part number has a "NO" in the Lead-Free column, then the part is considered ROHS/WEEE compliant with the exception of Lead (Pb) which may be found in high-temperature solder die attach (Exemption 7A).
  4. For ordering purposes, ProTek's lead-free products are designated in one of two methods:
    1. Older products that were available in both leaded and lead-free verisons were differiented by a -P or -LF suffix. -P is for nickel-pallidum-gold plating and -LF is for tin plating.
    2. Newer products do not have a -P or -LF suffix, as these products are ONLY available in a lead-free version.
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