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Our Mission

Reliability is an integral part of ProTek Devices. Each and every aspect of our organization's day to day operation is conducted in accordance with our Quality Control System which focuses on the reliability and quality of our products, processes and suppliers. There are no exceptions to this commitment. Success requires satisfied customers. In order to ensure customer satisfaction our Quality team is responsible for:

Exceed Expectations

Developing and implementing qualification requirements that meet and exceed customer specifications.

Measuring Effectiveness

Monitoring the effectiveness of our quality procedures as they relate to each aspect of the organization.

Continuous Improvement

Continuously introducing new standards that effectively and efficiently improve the overall quality and reliability of our products and services.

Statistical Sampling

ProTek is committed to the continuous quality improvement of our products through the monitoring of production lots. Our sampling program provides the vehicle to monitor each product series to accumulate reliability data on a family of devices.

  • Products are randomly pulled from production lots for reliability testing.
  • Electrical tests are conducted on each device selected according to their datasheet specificed test conditions.
  • Accumulative product data information reports are updated monthly for those products selected for testing. This report is designed to aid in the qualification and characterizations of new products.

Screening Capabilities

ProTek Devices provides in-house, MIL-PRF-19500: TX Level and customer specific screening. The following are examples of ProTek's in-house Test Plans:

Quality Documents

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